Echeveria Lenore Dean Compton Carousel

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Echeveria Compton Carousel

Echeveria Lenore Dean

Size: 7-10 cm width    ( smaller when arrive after long time tide up )
Info: This variety has three different names, Lenore Dean, Compton Carousel, and imbricata variegata .Whatever you prefer to call it, it's super beautiful and wanted. It's not an easy grower. Many plants new bought die before establishing even. That problem caused mainly by the wrong treatment before packing. This variety has to be dried thoroughly before packing. And need to be stressed without water at least one month before selling thus the leaves close up a bit and become solid&thick.  If the plants are fresh and leaves open widely, they would rot very easily or leave dropped in the travel. When plants arrive, please don't pot them immediately, just let them bare-rooted and don't water them just keep them in the bright area without direct sunshine, only when they start to establish new white tiny roots, then pot them in moist soil and no need to water until the soil dry thoroughly.  All our Lenore Dean were treated well to pack already. We depot them a month before selling, to make the plants stressed. Though they shrink in size, they will establish super fast and well when arrive. Our plants are 7cm-10cm wider before packing, and about 5 -7 cm when leaves close up. Size good and longtime grown, you can tell from the number of leaves. Leaves very thick, contain enough water and energy to recover when reported. Never spray water on this variety, and avoid from rainwater. only water them by putting the pot in water 20-30 seconds. This can make your plants nice and healthy. By the way, grow them in small pots, and give less soil, too much soil in big pots will keep the roots wet a long time, this causes many problems. 

    All the succulents ChineseGreen selling are Dry grown plants. Which means extremely less water and full sun in production. 
    This makes our plants very strong, solid, small size, hard stem, and nice color. The same size plant ours take double growing time to normal Products. 
    Dry grown plants can establish faster when arrive, and less rot/elongated problems in travel.