Aeonium Medusa

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Aeonium Medusa

The most beautiful Aeonium variety, much wider leave and strong color than the Aeonium Mardi Gras. This is a cultivar from one Chinese succulent nursery, the original variety came from Holland, a huge variety of dark red color Aeonium.  It's very alike to Mardi Gras but much beautiful you can see a comparison of them in the second pic. Medusa has much bigger, rounder leaves and intense color. Very less available in Stock.

All the succulents ChineseGreen selling are Dry grown plants. Which means extremely less water and full sun in production. 
This makes our plants very strong, solid, small size, hard stem, and nice color. The same size plant ours take double growing time to normal Products. 
Dry grown plants can establish faster when arrive, and less rot/elongated problems in travel. 

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